4 Golden Rules for Healthy Skin

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Most skin types are susceptible to becoming more sensitive during different weather scenarios. Skin during a cold, dry winter is much more sensitive than skin during a warm, wet summer!

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You can keep your skin feeling healthy and more refreshed everyday with these 4 skin care tips.

  1. Clean - the primary role of the largest organ of your body is to protect vital internal organs from the outside environment. We’d be odd looking creatures without it! It’s only fitting that we take care of it to help protect what matters most. Simply washing regularly with soap is one of the best ways known to man to protect from harmful disease.
  2. Exfoliate - using an abrasive salt scrub removes dead skin cells and promotes the flow of blood, among other things, leading to a much healthier look and feel. Exfoliation has been around since the Egyptians discovered it’s many benefits.
  3. Hydrate - skin naturally consists of a majority of the bodies water content. Skin develops it’s own oils to help protect and keep skin resilient. You can help hydrate skin by using moisturizers or soaps with essential oils.
  4. Screen - the sun is one of the most brutal and unforgiving elements that your skin has to deal with. But who can resist being outside during summer? Even though the sun is very helpful with Vitamin D there are necessary means needed to shade from it. Using sunscreen helps prevent sun rays from doing too much harm while allowing you to enjoy those bright and shiny days. Looking at prior skincare protections gives you a better sense of appreciation for modern day sunscreen.