What Causes Sensitive Skin

Did you know?

Most skin types are susceptible to becoming more sensitive during different weather scenarios. Skin during a cold, dry winter is much more sensitive than skin during a warm, wet summer!

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Sensitive skin areas such as the face feature a greater number of nerve endings than the rest of the body. Over time the lack of friction or touch with the outside environment on the skin surface leaves the nerve endings more sensitive.

Your palms and fingers also have a high number of nerve endings but because of consistent daily use from childbirth onward they become less sensitive.

Oily skin is caused by a high production of sebum in the sebaceous glands that is secreted through skin pores.

The amount of sebum created is largely inherited through genetics. So certain types of skin may be more or less oily depending on your family. It has even been suggested that oily skin stays smooth and moist while being less likely to wrinkle! However, skin that produces too much can block pores and cause acne. Washing regularly can help prevent overly oily skin.

Sensitive skin requires different exfoliation treatment than that of more coarse skin areas. This is due to the size of the granules that the sensitive skin pores allow. For instance, a sugar scrub features small granules well suited for delicate exfoliation whilst salt scrubs have much more coarse granules that are well suited for hands and feet.