Our Story

We showcase the finest ingredients from around the world in an eco-friendly way: natural ingredients, reusable and recyclable packaging. Skincare that excites the senses while focusing on our clean production method.

We use the most environmentally friendly ways available to produce reusable as well as recyclable materials. We eliminate excess waste by using only recycled/recyclable boxes, jars, and paper. We even ship our products in recycled cardboard boxes with recycled newspaper as packaging. All to minimize our carbon footprint and leave behind only healthy skincare!

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Finest Ingredients From Around the World

Although we make our products in the U.S., many ingredients are imported from around the globe, and they’re selected specifically for their natural restorative properties. The eucalyptus oil we use is sourced from South Africa and known for its pleasant scent. The tea tree oil we use comes from Australia where it has been steam distilled from tea tree leaves. Our virgin coconut oil is cold pressed from raw coconut meat and sourced from the Caribbean. We use only the best, finest quality natural organic oils in everything we make.

We Are 100% Free From:

  • Animal testing
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Wasteful processing
  • Formaldehyde
  • Harmful parabens

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re committed to customer satisfaction. We make the products we love to use. It means a lot to care after each and every order big or small with the same quality care.

Where Others Go Wrong

How does a product package normally ship to you? In many cases, you’re looking at receiving all of this when you order:

  • Packing materials made of Styrofoam
  • Non recyclable cardboard boxes. Not all cardboard boxes are created equal. Some varieties are not as easily recyclable, if at all, when they include laminates, wax-coating, or other wet-treatment.
  • Receipt paper(s) printed with standard toner. Even if toner is recycled in paper recycling operations removing the toner from the pulp is difficult and requires extra energy and therefor, more waste.
  • Product casing made from non-recycled and non-reusable containers.
  • Product made using cheapest available methods without consideration for renewable, recyclable or reusable alternatives.

Dangerous chemicals are used today in everything from body wash to hand lotion — in fact, the cosmetic care industry is littered with these toxins. The reason is simple: these harmful chemicals are cheap and their natural counterparts don’t last as long.

Keeping clean and staying eco-friendly is a huge part of who we are. Take a look at the end result — We’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Salt Scrubs

Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs use the natural abrasive quality of sea salt combined with signature blends of pure coconut, tea tree, sunflower, and eucalyptus oils.

Body Soaps

Body Soaps

Cleanse and repair skin with natural body soap. Hydrating natural oils lather upon skin during a water rinse allowing the pure aroma to sooth skin and remove odors.